25 Signs you have a Third Culture Kid

  • “Where are you from?” has more than one reasonable answer.
  • They flew before they could walk.
  • They speak two languages but can’t spell in either.
  • They feel odd being in the ethnic majority.
  • They have three passports.
  • They go into culture shock upon returning to their “home” country.
  • Their life story uses the phrase “Then we moved to…” three (or four, or five…) times.
  • They wince when people mispronounce foreign words.
  • The best word for something is the word they learned first, regardless of the language.
  • They think VISA is a document that’s stamped in your passport, not a plastic card they carry in their wallet.
  • They own personal appliances with 3 types of plugs, know the difference between 110 and 220 volts, 50 and 60 cycle current, and realize that a transformer isn’t always enough to make their appliances work.
  • Half of their phone calls are unintelligible to those around them.
  • They cruise the Internet looking for fonts that can support foreign alphabets.
  • They miss the subtitles when they see the latest movie.
  • They’ve got out of school because of monsoons, bomb threats, and/or popular demonstrations.
  • They speak with authority on the subject of airline travel.
  • They have frequent flyer accounts on multiple airlines.
  • They know how to pack.
  • The thought of sending their (hypothetical) kids to schools back home scares them, while the thought of letting them fly alone doesn’t at all.
  • Their circle of best friends is as politically, racially, and religiously diverse as the United Nations.
  • They sort their friends by continent.
  • When their share posts on Facebook it will be liked by friends from 22 different countries
  • Their accent changes depending on who they’re talking to
  • Love it or hate it, they have a strong and well-informed opinion on the I.B. system.
  • They realize what a small world it is after all.


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