Are you worried about your child?

Your child is unique, and all children respond to different situations in their own individual way, but if you are concerned about your child it is always worth seeking professional help.

I have been counselling children and young people, and supporting parents for 20 years, and it is my area of expertise. I have supported children through some of their most challenging situations in life such as bereavement, absent parents, divorce, behavioural issues, bullying and anxiety. I also work with children who struggle with confidence, identity, socialising and low self-esteem.

Counselling with me will give your child the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. Speaking to a counsellor, away from their home and school life, can take away some of the pressure. Counselling will offer a safe environment for children to express their feelings and understand what may have caused them to feel this way.

Here are some common behaviours and signs you can look out for, which may indicate that further support might be needed:

  • Sudden or extreme changes in behaviour, such as becoming very withdrawn and uncommunicative, or alternatively lashing out and becoming boisterous or even violent.
  • Expressing negative thoughts, or a particularly low opinion of themselves, for example that they are a ‘bad’ child.
  • Provoking or lashing out at other children.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Struggling to adjust to a life-changing event (i.e. moving, divorce, death of a family member or pet, a new sibling).
  • Strong desire to avoid school or stay with you at all times.
  • Complaining of aches and pains.
  • Often engage you in power struggles.
  • Afraid to try things on his/her own, has high anxiety or gives up easily.
  • Act out or shut down in stressful situations.
  • Frequently get into trouble at school.

Counselling is available for children of all ages. The methods used in sessions will depend on your child’s age, situation and their development. There are many techniques that may be used to encourage children to express their feelings better, such as art or play therapy.
Consultations about your child’s progress will be scheduled at regular intervals, and can also be requested at any time.

Please also note that I run support groups for children throughout the year (Groups).

Choosing the right counsellor is an important process. Because of this I offer an initial 30 minute free consultation with no obligation or commitment to attend any further sessions, to give you the chance to see if you feel comfortable with me and the way that I work.



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