Group Counselling for Children & Young People

One factor that can be crucial in helping your child feel better about what’s going on for them is when they find other children that they connect with.

Unfortunately, for some children, finding and maintaining friendships does not always come easily. At the Stress Less Clinic I bring together small groups of children, based on their age and gender once a week for 6 week programmes or 1-day school holiday workshops to work specifically on issues relevant to them.
These groups provide a safe nurturing environment for your child to share their current life struggles and receive encouragement, support and feedback from other children who share similar feelings. The purpose of the group is to help your child by utilizing the power of the group process. Frequently group members vicariously learn coping skills and gain self-awareness. The children in the group often serve as a great source of acceptance and support for one another.

Group counselling also has the advantage of being less expensive, since the therapy costs are shared among group members.

I run a number of different support groups throughout the year for older children (9–12) and teenagers (13–16 & 16-18):

  • Anger Management
  • Confidence, Assertiveness and Self-esteem
  • Coping with loss of a parent through death
  • Coping with parents’ separation or divorce
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Exam stress
  • Living with a chronic illness or cancer


Sharon not only works one on one but runs positive programmes for young people that you would want your child involved in, preparing and enriching them for life.

Julia (Teacher), NZ

I found the stress group very helpful as it helped me understand why I was so stressed and how to cope with it throughout my exams and kept me more relaxed.

Evan (Age 16, Pupil UK)


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