Video Counselling

Counselling Using Online Video Conferencing

An increasingly popular option for those who can’t make face to face counselling sessions is video counselling, which is exactly like talking to someone on Skype.

Skype enables you to video chat in real time with other people over the Internet. The app is free and easy to download. If your computer doesn’t have a webcam or microphone, you will have to purchase these too, however they are relatively inexpensive.

The beauty of Skype is that you’re able to see your counsellor – a factor that people often miss during email or telephone counselling. Just like these other methods, Skype counselling allows you to attend a session from the comfort of your own home and you can talk to a counsellor from anywhere in the world.

How does Skype counselling work?

Your Skype appointment will be conducted just like a face-to-face session – you will be able to see, hear and interact with your counsellor or psychologist ‘virtually’ for the length of the session.

During your initial consultation you can check that everything is working correctly and that you feel comfortable receiving counselling in this way. This is also your opportunity to get to know your counsellor and ensure that you are happy with their style of working.  During sessions, ensure you are in a comfortable position and in a room where you won’t be disturbed.


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