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What to expect from counselling

If you have decided to make an appointment with me, you might be feeling anxious about your first session. Making the decision to get help and address the issues you are facing is an important first step and is not always easy. Knowing what to expect from our counselling sessions should help you feel more prepared and less nervous about your first appointment.

In your first session it is likely that I will ask you some questions to gain an understanding of what’s worrying you and the way your thought processes work. The information obtained here will be used to help you in future sessions.

The following areas may be covered in your first session:

  • We will talk about what brought you to counselling and what you hope to gain from it.
  • I will ask you about your current situation and the day-to-day issues you are facing. We may discuss your personal history which will give me a chance to understand more about you as a person and why these issues may have occurred.
  • We will explore what symptoms you are experiencing, whether they are physical or psychological.

The more honest and open you are during our conversations, the more you will get out of your counselling sessions.


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